25 Chapel Street — Albany, NY 12210

Our Wine Program

Welcome to the Yono’s wine program. It is our goal to present you with a collection of fine wines from all major wine producing regions of the world. We pride ourselves on collecting boutique and small production wines from family owned & operated wineries. This wine list was created with our cuisine in mind and is intended not only to complement it, but to enhance your entire dining experience. If you find that you have any questions or are unfamiliar with any of the wines, our Sommeliers would be glad to assist you.

We take the utmost pride in our wines, by storing them in a temperature & humidity controlled environment, and serving them exclusively in Riedel® stemware imported from Austria. We aim to serve our wines at optimal temperature which is 43° for Champagne & sparkling wine, 52° for white wines and 62° for reds. If you would prefer us to chill your wine additionally, we would be happy to do so.

We are happy to offer service for wines from your cellar for thirty dollars with a limit of 2 bottles, please. For wine service on magnums, sixty dollars with a limit of one bottle, please.

View our Wine List here.